COVID-19 Health and Safety update

(March 25, 2020)

Christians around the world have received an invitation from Pope Francis to unite in praying the Lord’s Prayer on Wednesday, March 25. Here is a link from the Lutheran World Federation encouraging all Lutherans to participate.
And here is a useful article, also from the Lutheran World Federation, titled “Being fully the church in times of Coronavirus.” It stresses the importance of maintaining physical distance, and emphasizes how, even when we cannot share the bread and wine in the same place and time, the Holy Spirit is present when we profess God’s name (even if we are alone).
Finally, here is a beautiful Intercessory Prayer. As our Pastor Katrina stated in her letter to our congregation of March 24, 2020, this prayer (and the comforting letter linked above) will support our worship practices and bring us a sense of peace. “The intercessory prayer could be done daily (or even more often as needed!) to remind us we are God’s own beloved and help us hold in prayer those suffering,” she wrote. “This is part of the new way we are called to be Church and love and support one another.”

Regular Sunday morning services and congregational gatherings suspended

(March 19, 2020) As a result of recommendation from our health authorities and our Bishops, and in consultation with Redeemer Lutheran’s Church Council, Pastor Katrina has suspended our regular Sunday morning worship services and other congregational gatherings (such as Bible study, Lenten study, etc…) for the forseeable future.

Redeemer Lutheran is exploring how we can move worship to online platforms, possibly holding meetings using technology, and we’re asking everyone to stay connected with one another through regular phone calls and e-mail updates, etc….

Please especially reach out to members who are more vulnerable to isolation and check up with one another just as you would if you were seeing each other weekly on Sunday morning.

March 16 2020 Letter from the Bishops about COVID-19

(March 19, 2020) Here is a link to a more recent letter (in PDF form) from the Bishops of the ELCIC titled March 16 letter from ELCIC National and Synod Bishops. This letter suspends all public worship services and gatherings effective March 16, 2020. The letter stresses the importance of avoiding social isolation, while simultaneously engaging in social distancing. All Redeemer members are encouraged to read this letter.

March 13 2020 Letter from the Bishops about COVID-19

(March 17, 2020) Here is a link to a letter (in PDF form) from the Bishops of the ELCIC titled “An update on coronavirus (COVID-19) and communities of the ELCIC.” This is important reading for members of Redeemer Lutheran. Here is the same information on an ELCIC web page.

Our previously-published health and safety advice in relation to the COVID-19 virus (listed below) anticipated the advice in the Bishops’ statement, so we will leave it here for those who might not have a PDF reader immediately available. In addition to that advice, we also encourage Redeemer members to use the email consent form below. This will enable our church to contact you via email, should the distribution of important updates via email become necessary.

Link to intercessory prayer

Here is a link to Intercessory Prayer in the midst of the spread of COVID-19 from the Lutheran World Federation.


(March 11, 2020)

  • Please remember to stay at home if you think you are experiencing a potentially contagious illness.
  • Please respect that in light of recent global health concerns, not all persons attending worship may want to pass the peace by shaking hands. Please feel free to share the peace through words and/or another polite gesture/greeting.
  • Extra hand sanitizer bottles are available at the back of the church at the ushers’ table to use before, during, or after worship as you have the need.
  • As the situation may change rapidly, please consider letting the church know your updated email address and check the consent box so that we can contact you quickly about possible concerns and upcoming events at Redeemer Lutheran Church.

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