Pope Francis invites Christians to unite in prayer

Christians around the world have received an invitation from Pope Francis to unite in praying the Lord’s Prayer on Wednesday, March 25. Here is a link from the Lutheran World Federation encouraging all Lutherans to participate.
And here is a useful article, also from the Lutheran World Federation, titled “Being fully the church in times of Coronavirus.” It stresses the importance of maintaining physical distance, and emphasizes how, even when we cannot share the bread and wine in the same place and time, the Holy Spirit is present when we profess God’s name (even if we are alone).
Finally, here is a beautiful Intercessory Prayer. As our Pastor Katrina stated in her letter to our congregation of March 24, 2020, this prayer (and the comforting letter linked above) will support our worship practices and bring us a sense of peace. “The intercessory prayer could be done daily (or even more often as needed!) to remind us we are God’s own beloved and help us hold in prayer those suffering,” she wrote. “This is part of the new way we are called to be Church and love and support one another.”